Here is a loosely organized list of important topics - possibly in order of need:

Initial steps for Atlas access

In order to use our Atlas compute facility, you need to be either a member of the AEI Hannover data analysis groups or collaborate with us. If you do not fall into these groups, please contact us and let us know why you may need access to Atlas.

If you are at AEI/Hannover, please come to our office (041), and/or send us the request per email.

Afterwards you will need to

  1. sign our GDPR form,
  2. create a ssh keypair used only for Atlas and send us the public key.

When all this is done, you should get an email from us indicating you are good to go.

We will also subscribe you to our internal mailing list to establish a communication channel for rapid information, e.g. (unplanned) maintenance work, newly available servers, …

More information