As we get asked about these stats quite often, here is a quick “numbers-only” summary for Atlas:


Number of active compute nodes 3,169
Total number of CPUs 4,207
Total number of physical CPU cores 53,146
Total number of logical CPU cores 99,092
Total number of GPUs 2,432
Total number of GPU cores 1,911,040
Total theoretical peak CPU [TFlops/s] 1,881
Total theoretical peak GPU [TFlops/s] 5,175


Disk based storage

The following table summarizes how many active storage nodes we currently operate. At the moment, storage is still predominantly hard disk based with only a few flash based storage items mixed in to increase overall performance.

Number of active storage nodes 124
Total number of storage HDD/SSD 3,016
Total raw capacity [TByte] 28,259
Typical usable capacity [TByte] 22,607

Tape based storage

Number of tape drives (any type) 16
Total number of tapes 1,900
Total raw capacity [TByte] 18,600
Total usable capacity [TByte] (two copies, assuming 30% inline compression efficiency) 12,090