Early release of the expanded atlas of the sky in continuous gravitational waves

O3a data, 20-1500 Hz

Compared to the first continuous gravitational wave atlas, this data set is much larger, covering frequencies from 20 to 1500 Hz and including new polarization specific upper limits. This data is made available early, while outlier followup is still underway.

The atlas is provided as files in Mapped Vector Library (MVL) format:

The torrent file is hosted by Academic Torrents. We recommend using Bittorrent client that supports http downloads, such as aria2c.

The MVL files can be accessed either using C-level libMVL library, or using R package RMVL.

The plot at the top of the page was produced using view_summary.R script included in the examples. We also provide examples that allow to explore atlas programmatically, see README for more details.

The mapped vector library format is optimized for use with solid state drives that allow random access to the data.

We also have MVL files for the Gaia DR3 data, and the previous search of 500-1000 Hz region Falcon continuous wave atlas, release 1.

Questions, comments or general discussion: vladimir.dergachevDaei.mpg.de